Brew Guide

We know each brew preference is different per individual. In response to this, we organized a generic brew guide with additional information so you can get as close to a perfect cup of coffee tailored to your liking.

Pour Over:

For every gram of coffee, use anywhere between 15-17 grams of water. We want these beans to be ground medium.

Ratio: 1g : 15-17g (Golden Ratio)

 Pour Over Method

French Press:

For every gram of coffee, use around 13-16 grams of water. We want these beans to be ground course.

Ratio: 1g : 13-16g

 French Press Method


For a single shot (1.5oz) of espresso, use approximately 18-21g of ground coffee into the portafilter. This will get you close to a 1:2 ground coffee to espresso yield. Extraction times should be anywhere between 25s to 35s.

We want these beans to be ground fine.

Ratio: 18 - 21g for 1.5 oz of espresso (~1:2 ground coffee to espresso yield)


Drip Machine:

For every tablespoon of coffee, use anywhere between 4-6 ounces of water. We want these beans to be ground medium.

Ratio: 1 tb per 4-6 oz

 Coffee Machine Dripper


Advanced Terminology: We recommend our coffee for all brew methods, regardless of whether it is percolationimmersion or espresso. We also recommend using the best quality of water available to you.


This involves pouring hot water over fresh coffee grounds to extract flavor - as per the above, a Pour Over. Popular methods include V60, Chemex & Kalita Wave in which the brewer aims for a brew time of around 2m30s to 4m.


This involves letting hot water & fresh coffee grounds sit together in a chamber for a certain period before being separated. Popular methods are the French Press & Aeropress where the brewer is in control of both contact time & grind size. The size of the grind (fine to coarse) will determine the contact time (the water sitting with the coffee). The thicker the grind, the longer the contact time, & vice versa.

Water Quality

The quality of water that blends with the coffee is probably the most important of all. Any individual can tweak contact times & grind size to their specific liking, however, the quality of water is what really brings out the qualities of your coffee.

Water makes up just over 98% of coffee. It only makes sense that in order to get the best tasting coffee, you'd need to use the highest quality of water to extract the coffee's unique flavor notes.

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