What This Means To Us

Chidori is a childhood dream of starting a coffee company & providing the highest qualities of coffee. Our goal is to make you feel good about our brand, what we do & how we do it when you brew our coffee beans early in the morning -

listening to the birds chirping.

Coffee Fruit


We want to do our part for the planet & our producers, so we have partnered with amazing companies sharing the same ideology.

Processing Methods

Natual Process

Washed Process

Honey Process

Wet Hulled

Coffee being laid out out in the sun to dry.

Learn More About Coffee & Our Initiatives

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Before you see your roasted bag of coffee hit your countertop, these coffee beans (seeds) had gone through several procedures that dictate their unique profiles. You will come to find that coffee is a fruit in which the seeds are extracted from. 

Learn about the methodology of each process used to prepare coffee beans before it heads to the roaster.

We look to initiate a sustainable approach in all segments of the coffee business. To do so we have partnered with amazing companies sharing the same ideology.

These initiatives are part of our ongoing commitment to make sustainability easy & efficient.

We pledge to continue to look towards alternative initiatives that will help reduce our carbon footprint.