Chidori looks to initiate a sustainable approach in all segments of the coffee business. To do so, we have partnered with amazing companies sharing the same ideology.


Our coffee beans are sustainably sourced by our partner roaster.

Sustainably Sourced Beans

By paying more for this coffee, we are covering the cost of production + living today & investing in the larger goal of transforming coffee production into a thriving & sustainable business for all. 

These sustainably sourced beans are roasted using a method called "Air Roasting". In other words, the beans are roasted on a fluid bed of hot air as opposed to the traditional method of tumbling in a hot steel drum. 

What this does are the following:

  • Results are a more uniform roast, elevated flavor & improved eco efficiency.
  • Smoother, brighter, less acidic taste for our coffees.
  • This enables us to minimize their environmental impact by reducing toxic emissions & energy consumption.


Bags:R+R Coffee Bags                                                             

R+R, or Reprocess and Repurpose, is an upcycling program for plastic & aluminum barrier coffee bags created by Savor Brands. 

A key inspiration in the creation of R+R was the coffee community’s desire to have packaging that would best protect their products, and at the same time, be kept out of landfills.

We are proud to have teamed up with Savor Brands to produce our bags and have them integrated within their zero-waste program. This way, we can do our part to help support the world we want to live in.



We've teamed up with NoIssue to provide us the shipping mailers, printing labels & stickers. This will create a streamlined disposal process to our consumers, in which all material's on the mailer & the mailer itself are compostable.


We pledge to continue to look towards alternative initiatives that will help reduce our carbon footprint.

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